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ACM Panels

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is an extremely flat, lightweight, and formable cladding material, offering architects and designers unparalleled freedom of design and creativity. The smooth surface and advantageous properties of ACM, such as excellent shock resistance, superior vibration absorbency, and easy installation, make it the material of choice for architects worldwide.

The factory-applied coil-coated FEVE paint finish with Lumiflon® is recognized as the best coating available, proven to endure the toughest climates and environmental conditions. It is available in a multitude of standardized and customized colors, enhancing the aesthetic possibilities for exterior applications.

Our panelized wall systems utilize the finest ACM available, widely acknowledged for its extreme flatness, lightweight nature, and robust qualities. These panels consist of two aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core in a continuous process, providing a fire-retardant solution for a wide range of design applications. The core material ensures flexibility, allowing the ACM panels to be curved and bent to meet the most challenging and imaginative design creations.

Cladco panelized wall systems are tested to: AAMA 508-07, ASTM E 283, ASTM E 330, ASTM E 331.

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Aluminum Plate Panels

These solid aluminum plate panels embody exceptional versatility, catering to the demands of complex designs requiring seamless detailing, and customized colours. This material combines lightweight attributes with robust, corrosion-resistant qualities, providing diverse exterior cladding solutions.

At Cladco, we employ special fabrication methods and perimeter frame extrusion systems to ensure that our aluminum plate systems offer a high-quality, customized, yet affordable cladding solution for your creative vision.

Aluminum plate panels possess a versatility that stems from their numerous advantages, which include:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Durable & sustainable
  • Weather resistant

Aluminum plates stand as the preferred material for flat cladding systems and are predominately used for high-rise building fascia, canopies, commercial applications, balconies, automobile manufacturing, high-stress applications, roofing, and ceilings.

Cladco panelized wall systems are tested to: AAMA 508-07, ASTM E 283, ASTM E 330, ASTM E 331.

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Cladco announces Kalzip: An extraordinary European aluminum roofing and siding product.

An exciting European aluminum roofing and siding product recently made available through Cladco.

Kalzip enables you to create innovative, long-lasting, high performance and low maintenance solutions using aluminum profiled sheets and other metal finishes. Kalzip combines:

  • Lightness
  • Strength
  • Durability & Sustainability
  • Low Maintenance

Kalzip is suitable for a variety of applications with the creative freedom to produce impressive architecture.

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Metal Cladding

Pre-finished roll formed steel siding and insulated metal panels are a part of our conventional siding lineup.

Pre-Finished Roll Formed Steel Siding
Prefabricated roll formed steel cladding is available in a diverse range of profiles, gauges and colours. Perspectra Series ™ is a new, state-of-the-art silicone modified polyester (SMP) paint system. The system utilizes a stringent pre-treatment process that, combined with an upgraded primer, will provide 40 years of film integrity and 30 years of fade and chalk values.

Pre-finished steel cladding has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios for any building material and it produces less waste. It is also one of the most cost-effective options for roof and wall cladding. Our steel cladding systems are manufactured to consistent quality and tight tolerances, when installed by Cladco’s team of professional installers.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement, a composite material blending sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, forms a durable and versatile construction solution. Concrete cladding, crafted from this compact non-combustible material, exhibits exceptional resilience against extreme weather conditions.

Requiring minimal maintenance, the exterior cladding offers customizable finishes through sandblasted or brushed surfaces in a wide range of colours.

Every manufactured panel boasts a unique size, colour, and surface finish, contributing to a distinctive aesthetic.

Fiber cement cladding distinguishes itself with the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Extended lifespan
  • Non-combustible
  • Durable & Sustainable
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to moisture, mold, bacteria, etc.
  • Resistant to various chemical compounds

This comprehensive set of advantages positions fiber cement cladding as a preferred choice for industrial, agricultural, domestic, and residential buildings, mainly in roofing and cladding applications, for new constructions and refurbishment projects.

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Phenolic Cladding

The timeless charm a wooden element brings to a commercial or residential building is undeniable. Cladco's eco-friendly phenolic cladding solution serves as an alternative for crafting decorative faux wood facades or exterior cladding solutions with exceptional material advantages when compared to natural wood.

Composed of natural fibers and void of asbestos, wood pesticides, and heavy metals, phenolic wall panels are an environmentally conscious composite panel solution. Renowned for their high quality, these panels exhibit characteristics similar to hardwood and boast exceptional pull-out strength, resilience to moisture, and resistance against vandalism.

Phenolic wall panels offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • Weather resistance
  • Extremely durable and vibrant colours
  • High mechanical strenght
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Resistant to scratches, impact and bending
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Resistant to frost and heat

Easy to install and clean, these highly durable yet lightweight panels present a comprehensive solution for architects and builders seeking both aesthetic appeal and functional durability in their projects.

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